Valerie Bridges


IInstagram: valerie.bridges


As an aspiring artist I have always struggled with not having a style or type of art I called my own. It wasn’t until the last year of illustration classes I started to understand the type of art I love and the style I wanted to create. I realized that my art style is related to the music I listen to while working. The songs I love the most and the art I love to create are both a bit moody and strange, with lots of bass and sweeping orchestral movements. Lines layered together and woven to create an alien landscape, a sound you can’t quite tell if is from a memory or a dream. So that is what I try and create, pieces that make me shiver the way Swan Lake does, or a song by Woodkid played at full volume during a thunderstorm. I hope to work as a freelance illustrator or gallery exhibitor after college and continue to create strange landscapes and creatures that draw the viewer in, wrap you in huge curving lines and carry you along like a symphony.

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