Ricardo Corona


Instagram: @ricardocoronaart
Website: http://ricardocoronaart.com
Email: ricardocorona1096@gmail.com

Salut amigos. I am a storytelling and world building illustrator. I currently use watercolor, gouache, ink, graphite, and digital mediums to create my works. My work mostly consists of environment, fantasy creatures, locations, and deities. Most of my artwork is inspired by looking at architecture, my travels, other artists, and simply my observations. Many landscape artists have inspired me, from the old masters to the incredible artists today. As well as my great friends and many professors that I have had in the past few years. I use my work to escape the realities that surround me. The worlds that I create are different from ours yet are not different either. Because Earth has some beautiful things that I do not want to leave behind. I create these worlds because I want to escape to it, but they are not destinations I cannot physically reach. Which in return, makes me want to continue to make work. If I reach that destination, then the creation stops.

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