Chanmealea Huy



We explore our bodies through the layers of fashion and style. On top of our existing forms of our skeleton, muscles, and skin, we further envelope ourselves with more layers of silk, cotton and leather.

As artists, we ask, why?

Clothing has become a signifier of class, a marker of modesty in certain cultures, and a practical use of shielding from harsh weather conditions. Clothing becomes fashion and style when it is used to express the individual. As artists whose fashion is an integral part of our identity, fashion and style becomes the vehicle of communication with our environment. Through the simple choices of clothing we don every morning, our identity is expressed with the rest of the world. We consider the elements of art, the juxtaposition of fabrics and the silhouette that is created in our individual style, in our artworks. In our pieces, we use mixed media including photography, digital media, and painting.

Let us show you how we wear our skin on our clothing.

2020 24 Hour Animation Competition 

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