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     The primary driving force behind the artwork I produce is my unwavering passion for design. Whether it’s character, environment, or prop, I find passion in the people, places, and things that I am able to create. My preferred medium is digital, as I find joy in the clean lines and vibrant colors that the platform allows. These pieces represent some of the best work I’ve done in each area of design I thrive in. I always try to consider both the 2D and 3D visual appeal when designing a character or environment, pushing a design philosophy that focuses on strong silhouette and solid geometry.


Deepdish Model.jpg
Character Guide Final Shaded.jpg
Deepdish Final Page 1.jpg
Pizza Pylon v2.jpg
Buster Vortex.jpg
Galahad Valak.jpg
Axel Steelhex().jpg
Tesca Blackfinger().jpg
Longwinter the Mountain().jpg
Heidi Levinsnake().jpg
Arthur Claire().jpg
Lithia Cliffborne().jpg
Toll Ratson.jpg
Yoko Mossmouth().jpg
Team Fortress 2 Heavy 2D.jpg
Character Lineup.jpg
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